Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sewing

Today I completed an order for 2 Artsmocks. The pale blue spot is for a tall 9year old girl so extra length was added to the arms. She requested the white sleeves which I think will look great after many art classes! The darker blue spot was for her 7year old brother who is a Carlton supporter, hence the decision to have navy sleeves with a white trim. These artsmocks have an oilcloth bodice which can be wiped over with a cloth or in cold water on a gentle cycle. They have already made their way to their new owners, ready for school tomorrow. And now I must finish covering books, iron school clothes & sew 2 artsmocks for my kids! Hope you have had a great weekend.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The finished wrap...

Yesturday we were soooooo busy. Picking up school booklists, labeling pens, pencils & books, buying a school uniform for our little boy who is starting school on Monday, buying more fabric-of course, and I was lucky enough to do a small amount of sewing. Today seems to have been just as busy already. More school supplies have been purchased, dry cleaning has been picked-up, one girl has been taken to a birthday party, new jazz shoes purchased , washing hung out, dishwasher loaded & unloaded, two children going to friends for a play and the list of things to do just seems to go on and on......But I'm sure it's the same for many households. I'm part way through finishing a birthday must get back to the sewing machine. Here are some photos of a finished 'writing wrap'. Thank-you for all the lovely comments ...My experience of blogging so far has been very encouraging..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I have been busy sewing these 'writing wraps'. Will have a finished picture to show you tomorrow. I guess the best way to describe them is like a transportable work station for kids. They come with paper to write or draw on,( which can be replaced), 3 pencils and there is a pocket for stickers etc. They are great to take along in the car or to keep young ones busy while waiting for meals at a restaurant...or for that much needed bubby chino to arrive. I'm not sure if 'writing wraps' is the best name for these yet. Still pondering over that! Stay tuned to see a finished product. I have made both boys/girls designs . I love playing around with all the many different novelty prints & colours. Last year I was busy sewing these for my 7year old daughters friends birthdays. They were such a hit that many were taken along to school for show & tell. It's always nice when you find or make a present for children that they like. I will have these for sale at the Daylesford Makers Market. Hope your Thursday has been productive. I was happy to get some sewing done. Next week school starts back, so hope to do A LOT more sewing for the markets I have ahead of me.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today, with assistance from a very helpful daughter..I have started my blog, yay! Have been working on these pirates for the Daylesford Makers Market . It will be my very first market where I will be selling my ByeByeBirdie products. I am both excited and nervous about this. I will have a stall there on both Saturday 6th February & Saturday 6th March. Last year I did some Christmas Shopping at both the Daylesford Makers Market & the Lark store. I was very impressed with the high quality and beautiful, original products available. There's lots of sewing hours to be spent before the 6th Feb. But now that my blog is up and going I will need to squeeze in some blogging hours too!