Saturday, January 30, 2010

The finished wrap...

Yesturday we were soooooo busy. Picking up school booklists, labeling pens, pencils & books, buying a school uniform for our little boy who is starting school on Monday, buying more fabric-of course, and I was lucky enough to do a small amount of sewing. Today seems to have been just as busy already. More school supplies have been purchased, dry cleaning has been picked-up, one girl has been taken to a birthday party, new jazz shoes purchased , washing hung out, dishwasher loaded & unloaded, two children going to friends for a play and the list of things to do just seems to go on and on......But I'm sure it's the same for many households. I'm part way through finishing a birthday must get back to the sewing machine. Here are some photos of a finished 'writing wrap'. Thank-you for all the lovely comments ...My experience of blogging so far has been very encouraging..

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  1. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to Blogland! I hope you find lots of inspiration & fun. Your work looks lovely & I'm sure it will be very popular at the market. Good luck & I hope to see you again xo