Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space today is to sew some of these opshop finds from Anglesea, into something for little girls. I especially like the doilys. The end result could look like a mess of different colours but I'm hoping to achieve something cute and adorable. I just love what others achieve when they sew together vintage sheets and fabrics. I already have some dresses in my byebyebirdie range that are made from vintage fabrics from my Aunty and Grandmother but I have only used a maximum of two different fabrics. This will be my first time at experimenting with sewing with more colours and other materials from my stash like tablecloths, sheets and doilys etc, so wish me luck! I also want to sew myself a top with the pattern pictured in the photo but undecided what colour or fabric to use. I guess I should see what is already in my cupboard of material first before going to the shops to buy more! Have a look at all the other creative spaces over at Kirsty's.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spotty Top

I had plans for the school holidays to sew and sew alot. But things don't always go to plan. Yesterday I finished a new top for my byebyebirdie summer range. It is a soft pink spot (not sure if this is obvious in the photos) on a red lightweight voile. Great for keeping cool during those hot summer days. I think it looks rather sweet. The gorgeous model is my daughter and the top will actually be hers. She was telling me that she has nothing to wear and nothing no longer fits her. Really? Anyway, she is now very happy to have a new top to add to her wardrobe. I now have to sew more of these tops, now that I'm happy with the design and fit. Everyone goes back to school next week and I will be back to sewing more. Well it will be just me and little Miss 2year old. We are still waiting for her to walk after having her plaster removed. Has anyone else ever had to cope with this situation? She cannot be tricked or encouraged to walk. She still remembers how much it hurt when she broke her leg, if she was younger she may have forgotten but she will be three in November. So we are just waiting for her to be ready and I'm hoping that her walking days return very soon!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


This is what I purchased for myself after a shopping trip with the family. While the kids shopped at Smiggle with their dad, I looked through kikki.K on my own. Every page is numbered and yes there are 365 pages and not big pages which is what I really liked about it. The colour choices were black, white and red. It wasn't hard to choose because red is a favourite colour of mine.

Today little miss 2year old had her plaster removed. Her leg has healed well but she is still refusing to walk, which the doctor says is quite normal and to let her be and she will walk in her own time. I know she will walk, she has to! It has been a long four weeks with her needing to be carried when and where it has not been possible for her to crawl. My guess is that she feels anxious and she probably thinks that it is going to hurt again.

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

At my House.... is the start of school holidays. These holidays are for three weeks. We have started to plan sleep-overs, play dates, a visit to the movies, a scrapbooking class and a weekend at Anglesea. I have my fingers crossed that l may also get to do some sewing!! My 12 & 10 year old daughter are also wanting to sew over the holidays. Two weeks ago my gorgeous little 2year old broke her leg and she has a plaster from below her knee to her toes!! She has not been walking for that time, although the doctor said she would be able to. It has been exhausting with her needing to be carried alot of the time. I think she is becoming quite frustrated, not being able to run after the other children and follow them everywhere. She has been crawling around and has been happy to do so when the other children were at school but is now getting annoyed with her siblings when they go upstairs!! To check out what others are up to go to buttonsbyloulou.

Monday, August 16, 2010

At My House

Today with help from a friend, I have been choosing items from my byebyebirdie range to donate to a fundraiser at my kids school. Will probably put together a skirt, little bag and headband. Hope you are enjoying your day. See what is happening at my house at buttonsbyloulou.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At My House

We are enjoying the flowers from my aunts garden and have picked lemons for a friend from the lemon tree growing in our backyard. Biscuits need to be baked today for hungry kids when they arrive home from school. To cater for everyones taste we usually bake choc & white choc chip biscuits. Might get to make a canadian lemon cake for dessert tonight. It is super easy and delicious eaten warm with cream. We are always baking & cooking in our house. Sunday my 10year old daughter helped me make golfballs. She then helped her older sister make banana muffins. It's great to see all of my children enjoying helping out in the kitchen. I only wish we had a bigger kitchen! Hope you are all enjoying the week so far. Join in the fun for At My House with buttonsbyloulou.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Creative Space

This butterfly was made by my little two year old daughter while helping in the prep classroom. She had so much fun and knew exactly what and where she would glue everything. We then went to get a baby chino, as promised. My liitle girl was asked by a lady serving us {whom we know} if mummy has been sewing and she held up her pink butterfly saying "no, not mummy, I have!". The butterfly has a long piece of material glued to it and I am sure this is why she thinks she had been sewing!!!