Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spotty Top

I had plans for the school holidays to sew and sew alot. But things don't always go to plan. Yesterday I finished a new top for my byebyebirdie summer range. It is a soft pink spot (not sure if this is obvious in the photos) on a red lightweight voile. Great for keeping cool during those hot summer days. I think it looks rather sweet. The gorgeous model is my daughter and the top will actually be hers. She was telling me that she has nothing to wear and nothing no longer fits her. Really? Anyway, she is now very happy to have a new top to add to her wardrobe. I now have to sew more of these tops, now that I'm happy with the design and fit. Everyone goes back to school next week and I will be back to sewing more. Well it will be just me and little Miss 2year old. We are still waiting for her to walk after having her plaster removed. Has anyone else ever had to cope with this situation? She cannot be tricked or encouraged to walk. She still remembers how much it hurt when she broke her leg, if she was younger she may have forgotten but she will be three in November. So we are just waiting for her to be ready and I'm hoping that her walking days return very soon!!


  1. I really like polka dots on our "big" girls - its not so baby but not so grown up. And the bright red is always a winner. Lovely design - good luck with keeping up with orders for this one :)

    Small price to pay for a model these days :) - I think of it as more like a walking billboard and they just don't know it !

    Poor Miss 2 - they have a very stubborn memory sometimes at this age, it slows them up when they should be moving forward.

  2. Cute as! Love that fabric!

    Hope Miss 2 feels more confident soon.

  3. The top looks great and I'm usre my eldest would think so too.