Friday, September 24, 2010


This is what I purchased for myself after a shopping trip with the family. While the kids shopped at Smiggle with their dad, I looked through kikki.K on my own. Every page is numbered and yes there are 365 pages and not big pages which is what I really liked about it. The colour choices were black, white and red. It wasn't hard to choose because red is a favourite colour of mine.

Today little miss 2year old had her plaster removed. Her leg has healed well but she is still refusing to walk, which the doctor says is quite normal and to let her be and she will walk in her own time. I know she will walk, she has to! It has been a long four weeks with her needing to be carried when and where it has not been possible for her to crawl. My guess is that she feels anxious and she probably thinks that it is going to hurt again.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Your poor little girl, it must be a very strange feeling after so long. I love your new diary, great!

  2. Red is a fine choice !

    And I would think that with so much going on about her your little blossom won't be waiting around for long to use her little pegs!

    Swimming pools are always great - no direct pressure floating about a pool - I'm sure the physio will help heaps :)

    having a great weekend - sounds like yours is too.

  3. Great journal!

    Hope the leg is all good now.