Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Handmade Christmas

I have been feeling inspired by other bloggers to challenge myself to participate in a handmade christmas this year. In years gone by I have made gifts for ballet, music, kinder and school teachers. If there has ever been male teachers on the list that we want to give a Christmas (thank-you) gift to, then I would usually purchase something for them. Bottles of wine seems to be THE gift to give male teachers! This year we have 3 male teachers to buy for. Please help me!! I really want to make 2010 a handmade christmas for all of our gift receivers..I would love to hear of any suggestions of something that I or my children could help make.

Last Christmas my mum offered to buy my kids a Wii as a combined family gift but much to the amazement and absolute horror of many of my frineds I said "no thanks". As Christmas Day got closer my mum offered again but I still thanked her and declined her generous gift idea. We have enjoyed some great christmas gifts from my mother.....a family swimming pass, a family zoo pass, a family pass to Sovereign Hill...and these were fantastic because they could be used all year! I know that she will be offering a family gift again this year so I will probably suggest to her that another zoo pass would be great! Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thank-you to everyone who has been taking the time to read my blog and for the wonderful comments. I really enjoy reading the comments, knowing that my blog IS being read.



  1. What about fabric notebook covers. Everyone uses a notebook. The kids could stencil a geometric print with fabric paint on the front.

  2. Yes! Sally has a good idea about notebook covers. Or, depending on the man, you could sew tea cosies. I have tea cosies on the brain as I've been making a few lately. Will be posting a tutorial or a show and tell tmw. Otherwise, you could make key rings. You can buy clear ones at Spotlight and get the kids to put a little piece of art or fabric in them.

  3. We try real hard to have a handmade Xmas too! Just saw this fabulous pattern yesterday and when I saw your post - thought it might be good for some male(and female) teachers.

  4. I have been thinking about "man" presents lately too. So far, on my list of "man things to make" are:
    hankies, fabric covered notebooks (like noted above), zippered little pouches (like pencil cases, my hubby has one and needs more for storing some little things in), fabric covered art canvas, cushion covers (if they have their own special couch seat), tool belt, fabric covered lolly jar. The zippered dopp-kit is fantastic too!

  5. Hi Jocelyn, This is my third year of making our Christmas presents, and the men are definitely the trickiest! I'm making a laptop sleeve for my husband this year, but generally I'd say men appreciate food food food (especially sweet things like homemade biscuits and shortbread, or chocolate sauce for ice-cream, which the kids can help with) accompanied by a kid-made card. Have you seen Deb's Christmas project, A Preent A Week {till Christmas}?:

  6. Also, you might find some good ideas if you follow this link to the Corporate Free Christmas site:

    Good luck!